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Cupping Massage

There are two main types of Cupping Massage

1. Gliding and 2. Stationary Suction

Glide Technique
1. Apply oil or lotion to the target area.
2. Squeeze the cup and apply to skin.
3. Glide – along the length of the muscles for 3-5 minutes
Then across the muscle for 3-5 minutes

Stationary Technique
This is great for those ‘sore spots’ or muscle spasm.
After gliding, you can squeeze the cup, apply it to the one spot and leave it there for 1-3 minutes.
You will notice that a reddening will occur. This is normal. Depending on the amount of suction the reddening can range from a light pink to a quite
dark purple. This ‘cup kiss’ may last for a few days.


Reddening of the Skin
Reddening is a normal part of cupping. Because you will not be performing deep
cupping, you will have only a slight reddening. If you do deeper cupping then the
reddening will be more intense.

Cupping experts think that cupping therapy draws trapped toxins from tissues
and brings them to the surface to be expelled from the body.
As well as helping to reduce your cellulite, these cups can also be used for
massage to help relieve pain and tight muscles.




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