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Massage in Schools

School Massage – not a luxury

School Massage is a invaluable aid in enhancing pastoral care for staff.

It is no secret that teaching is a demanding and, at times, stressful profession. One of the effects of stress is muscle tension. This can lead to tight, sore muscles and headaches.

As well as the demands of the classroom and a busy schedule, teachers spend long periods at their desk correcting, setting work or planning lessons.

Prolonged sitting further compounds upper body and neck tightness.

School Massage can reduce this muscular tension and aid in stress management.

A 15 minute, seated school massage aimed at relaxing tension in key stress-affected areas of the body such as the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back can be of great benefit.

No oils are used and the recipient remains fully clothed, thereby enabling the teacher to quickly return to work.

After 15 minutes receiving a relaxing and calming massage, staff will return to work revitalized and with less tension in their body.

As well as a program of regular visits, Therapy One Massage provides seated massage for:-

  • Staff Pastoral Care Day
  • International Teachers’ Day
  • Staff reflection/prayer days
  • Christmas gift for staff
  • Education Office Cluster Groups
  • Times of high stress
  • Staff Development Days

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