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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage without the hassles!!! Our qualified, professional therapists will come to you to save you time and hassle. There’s no need to find a baby sitter if you have other children, no driving strain, and you will be able to sit down and relax immediately afterwards.

You will want to be nurtured and your modesty respected. We are conscious that when a woman is pregnant there is a tendency for others to think that your body is public property – that it can be patted, discussed and commented on, even by strangers. Our therapists, both female and male, are experienced in pregnancy massage. With your comfort and concerns uppermost in mind, our massage is tailored to suit your individual needs.

The changes your body is going through can produce muscular pain and soreness. Massage can be of benefit by:

  • relieving pain in the neck, upper and lower back, hip and buttock(sciatica).
  • relaxing leg muscles, which in turn helps reduce leg cramps.
  • alleviating headaches
  • reducing stress levels, and enabling relaxation.
  • enhancing sleep.

Options for Pregnancy Massage – Table or Seated

Table massage is more appropriate when it is easy for you to lie on your back and stomach. You will supported by pillows as you lie on your stomach, back or side. At all times your comfort comes first.

When the pregnancy is more advanced, and getting onto the table, let alone lying on the table, is difficult we recommend the seated massage. This involves you sitting at the side of the table with your head comfortably resting on pillows while you are massaged. You will be draped so that only the part of your body being massaged is uncovered.

In this position your back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs can be easily massaged.

For your convenience, our pregnancy massage is available seven days a week. Health fund rebates are also available.

We do however suggest that if you are in any doubt about having a massage while pregnant, that you consult your doctor.

Our massage service is designed to work “with your body”, not “against your body”, in order to relieve pain, and improve your well being. Our therapists offer a range of massage styles and services that take your individual needs into consideration.

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