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Self Care Techniques

Your own self care is important. Self care will prolong the beneficial effects of your massage. We at Therapy One see our job as more than giving you a great massage, and leaving it at that.

An equally important part of our role is to educate you in self care. You CAN take an active part in keeping your body as pain-free and stress free as possible.

It is not really all that difficult. You just need to be consistent.

Unless your pain is the result of a trauma ( a fall, slip, accident ) it has most likely built up over years.
I personally recommend the techniques presented in this web site. They work…..I know… because I use them myself!!!

The secret of self care is the REGULARITY with which you practise the techniques, NOT how difficult they are, or how many different ones you do.

If you perform these simple stretches, or exercise regularly, you WILL be able to prevent or minimize the build up of muscular tension.

»  These simple techniques are offered to assist in prolonging the effects of your massage.
»  They are widely used and recommended by health care professionals.
»  If any pain that you are trying to alleviate gets worse, then you should stop that particular activity.

It in important that you find a way to make these self care techniques a part of your daily routine.

Using these techniques on a regular basis will:-
• help reduce and alleviate muscle tension and soreness
• encourage your body to remain calm and at ease.

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How to stretch

  • Let your body relax: breathe in and slowly exhale.
  • Breathe slowly and rhythmically
  • Stretch only until you feel a tension in the muscle
  • Hold the stretch
  • Count the time taken to hold the stretch in breaths. Counting breaths is easier than counting seconds and helps you to breathe slowly. This allows the muscles to release tension more easily.

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