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If Pain Relief Is What You Want

 I enjoyed the “heavenly” experience of my Hot Stone massage at home. It was the most relaxing massage have had with a wonderful smooth feeling that was also very calming. I was glad to experience pain relief in my lower back area the next morning, where I had recently suffered an injury 

A. Green

Gym Owner, Rouse Hill

I am moving a lot more freely than I have in years, and no longer have that “tight” feeling across my neck and shoulders. The pain relief is great. I also find the fact that you come to my home/office of great benefit, as it makes it a lot easier for me to fit the massages into my sometimes hectic schedule 


Beaumont Hills

  With the removal of a great percentage of his pain, he has become more alert and able to involve himself in every day life again….his sleep pattern has become much more restful. We no longer need to stay within the confines of our home, because it is no longer too difficult or painful for him to move around. “

Wife of 70 year old man

sufferer of degenerative hip pain, Beaumont Hills

 I have always suffered from headaches and tension as well as the debilitating migraine. After many years of other treatment, I have been having regular massages from Tony. Almost immediately, I noticed a change in the frequency and severity of my headaches. Instead of looking forward to a day when I didn’t have a headache, I look forward to almost every day without one. 


Office Assistant and hard working Mum, Riverston

 We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience which relieved our aches and pains and we felt very relaxed afterwards. We appreciate your professionalism and discreetness.  

Geoff and Robyn Barnett

Company Director, Kellyville

  I’ve had problems with my back for quite some time now and while other therapies help, I have found that through regular massage I am able to maintain the problem. With a busy lifestyle and running a business, I find that a lot of the tension goes straight to my upper back and neck area. Your massages release the tension which makes me feel much more flexible . . . it’s as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! An added benefit is the clarity of mind I gain from the relief of tension at the back of my neck.  


Business Owner, Bella Vista

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