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Have you always wanted to learn massage?

Do your family or friends often ask you to give them a neck or back rub? Do you give massages at home, but are not sure you are doing them properly? Are you concerned that you may hurt the recipient?

The act of massage brings a whole range of benefits for the wellbeing of both the giver and receiver. One of our goals at Therapy One Massage is to enable more people to experience the healing, life giving effects of massage.

There are many forms of massage. The gift of massage, does not belong only to professionally trained therapists.

The scope of massage is more than just to treat injuries, or release tense muscles. Massage is a great relaxation and stress release tool. It can improve the communication and bond in a relationship, whether between adults, parent and child or child and child. Massage fulfills the basic, but all too often neglected, human need of being touched and cared for.

Massage workshops to suit everyone’s needs

Private Home Lessons

  • not everyone is comfortable learning in a group situation
  • learn at your own pace
  • lessons can be tailored to your particular needs – lessons are by appointment

Business Wellness Workshop

Learn to competently give a neck/shoulder massage in this fast paced 90 minute workshop. This workshop can be incorporated into a staff Development seminar or Wellness Day.


Learn an incredibaly practical massage that can be done anytime, anywhere. It is ideal for the home, or office. The techniques are very easy to learn – even children can do this massage.

You will be able to give anything from a three minute neck rub to a one hour massage. Your family and friends will love you. Once the basic massage theory is covered, the rest of the time is spent learning the techniques and putting them into practice.

The course includes full illustrated notes. A companion DVD is also available for purchase.


You will become confident in the basic Swedish massage movements. Then you will put them together to create a relaxing massage. Detailed notes are included.

Contents include

  • when not to massage
  • benefits of Swedish massage
  • preparation of the massage area
  • comfort of the giver and receiver
  • massage oils
  • how to massage safely

You will learn in a relaxed friendly atmosphere from a qualified massage therapist/educator. You will have plenty of time to practise. The content is easy to follow and practical.


Learn how to give some one with cancer a nurturing massage of the hands, feet and head.

Other Resources

If you want to teach yourself how to massage there are some excellent resources on the internet. The advantage of self instruction is that you can learn at your own pace, and the resources enable you to revise as often as you need.

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