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Disability  Massage

If your NDIS funding is self managed or managed by a third party agency, then you can pay for massage services out of your NDIS funds.

However, if your funds are directly administered by NDIS, then you cannot claim massage on the NDIS, because massage “is considered to be more appropriately provided by the health system.

Below is the relevant information from the NDIS

Massage Therapy

Massage, as a modality that is delivered directly to impact a body part or body system, is considered to be more appropriately provided by the health system and is therefore not reasonable and necessary to be funded by NDIS.

Where mobilisation and positioning helps a participant to be more comfortable, a physiotherapist should be funded to teach regular attendants to assist the person to achieve greater levels of comfort on a daily basis. A participant with such difficulties should not have to rely on occasional input from a therapist.

Our massage service is designed to work “with your body”, not “against your body”, in order to relieve pain, and improve your well being. Our therapists offer a range of massage styles and services that take your individual needs into consideration.

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