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What our happy clients say about workplace massage

Don’t just take our word for it that Therapy One Massage provides the best workplace massage in Sydney. Read a selection of testimonials from our very happy clients.

” Tony provided massage services as part of our reward and recognition program. His services have contributed to improved absenteeism, and staff morale. “

Kevin Rainford, Centre Manager, Telstra Olympic Sales

” The workplace massages help relax me and ease stress/tension and I feel my concentration and output is increased after a massage. “

Ken Towers, Supply and Sustainability Manager Unilever Australasia

” I was suffering from a terrible headache and contemplating leaving work for home. To my surprise the massage relieved my pains so much that I was able to continue work for the rest of the day. “

Lyn Langworthy, Customer Service, Telstra Millennium Sales

” I have found this massage not only to relieve my own stress but stress of my colleagues also. “

Kylie Neale Customer Relations Manager Telstra Olympic Sales

” Deborah is always interested in my well being and continually provides me with advice on exercise and posture. “

Karla Hanrahan, Sales Resource Manager, Telstra Olympic Sales

” You can feel the effects of it straight away. “

John Makris,Solicitor, Coleman & Greig, Solicitors

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